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Scholarship essay

Traditional or online schooling that is the question. Of course at first we all think, “Online! I can lie in bed in my pajamas all day and do my work in the peace of my room.” Sounds like a little piece of heaven, right? It does to me but in my opinion I prefer the traditional schooling. Going through the misery of having to get out of bed and get dressed and go to a classroom to listen to a teacher sermon about something that you will probably never use in life is just something that we’ve all done since elementary school; minus the sermon. It’s like a daily routine and it’s the only way that I will actually learn if someone actually teaches it to me. Online schooling you basically have to do it yourself from the time you open the book up until the final. What’s the point of learning something new when I have to teach it to myself? I’ll never learn properly or even the right answer that way. I believe having actually hearing and seeing someone teach you something is a more productive way of learning than just reading something online. That is what Google is for. When I started college I had the mindset that majority of my classes were going to be online and I was never going to leave my room unless it was for food. But once I had my first online class I hated it. My teachers/tutors were graduate students that had no teaching experience at all, therefore no patience with me. I missed the cold classrooms and the hard uncomfortable desks with the teacher at the front of the classroom talking about topics that seemed like complete nonsense to me. I really started to appreciate those boring teachers, they serve a purpose now! Someone who tells me what we’re learning and how we’re going to learn it, I loved having that structure. If you’re a person who loves to teach yourself new things that you know absolutely about then online classes is just for you. Traditional or online schooling? I’m all for traditional.